Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Unidentified Flying Burgers?

Funny looking, huh? Well, that's how Shady Glen in Manchester, CT. does their burgers! Crispy, then gooey cheese ruffled around a yummy burger!
We-that is, Kelly and I-had quite a time finding the place, driving back and forth, up and down, all-around Manchester,(due to MapQuest's terrible directions) while we were growing fainter by the minute, deprived of food after our 5 mile walk!! *gasp*!
But we made it! But then we didnt know how to order our food, b/c you see, it's an old 50's place, so there are no menus. You look at plaques on the wall, that were dispersed throughout the restaurant, although in some awkward viewing positions. Nonetheless!, we recieved our water in dixie cups--yes, dixie cups --(Another interesting happening), and our food arrived promptly, we scarfed it down with some milkshakes,--strawberry for me and Kelly had vanilla. yum! All in all, it was an interesting day! haha! But if you're looking for a new, neat place to eat, Shady Glen is the place! Definitely an experience you must try at least once!! :) The cheese, of course, is a show-stopper!! haha...

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