Friday, March 06, 2009

Back to Blogging!

Well, it's safe to say I've let my blog go to the dogs for awhile now. The reason??, I don't know, I'm not a great "writer-type"-although when I write I do enjoy it. So I felt that, what do I have to offer these other great scholars with my mere ramblings and most likely bad grammatical phrases, "words" I've created or other such writing no-nos. Plus, I've been told when I write, I don't "sound" like myself! How is that possible?! ;) Well, I assure you, it's still me, through and through. So, I forge ahead! Let's see if I can keep this up. I will attempt to put a new post at least once a week and more so if doable.

Spring is right around the corner! And that means that my fiance Mike will be home from Iraq after almost 11 months of being away!!!!!!!! :) I cannot wait! This last stretch is killer, it's worse then the last 10 months! So much to do when he finally gets home! And then, in 4 short months we are getting married!!!!! WOW! I cant believe that either! The Lord has been so good and I cant wait to start my life with Mike.