Cooking Tips

Runaway Cutting Board?
Does your cutting board "runaway" on you while you're cutting??  You started at one end of the counter and now you're at the other end!! Well, in a professional kitchen you'd use a wet towel under your board for traction. But, at home who wants to be wetting towels, espeically when you probably don't use your cutting board every day. I used to use a wet paper towel. That works just as well, but also a waste. So, I found this great tip: cut a piece of the rubber stuff you use for under rugs, fit under your board. No more runaway cutting board! Better yet, I found those cheap waffle rubber outdoor place mats, 2 for a $1! I kept one full size for my large cutting board and cut the other one for my smaller ones. It works like magic!  AND, much more fun colors then that rug stuff! Here's to a sturdy cutting board, it's always important to get grounded before starting any kitchen adventure!