Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Summer's Walk(just so you all know, I cant write poetry for beans!!)

Through the humid air I crawl,
It's like pushing against a wall.
But onward I press,
With my faithful friend at my side,
Panting at a steady rate,
Is all there is to hear.
Along the wooded edges,
I see a familiar sight,
Blackberry bushes almost all ripe!
To eat and eat, I wish I may, I wish I might,
Mmm, the juicy, sweet and tart type.
My friend gulped down a berry or two,
But we'd better keep going,
Dusk is fast approaching.
Down, and then Up the hill we climb,
Shadows darkening our path.
I quicken my steps,
A pink and black tongue begins to droop and drool,
As my pup lingers behind.
The bats flutter over head,
A sure sign of the night life awakening.
The home stretch we stride,
Until we reach our destination.
Accomplishment in our grasp,
We stop to drink and gasp,
A cool sip of water is all we need,
Before we relax...or maybe collapse!!


Julie Kieras said...

She gets her poetic talent from me! HA! :) kidding, she did that all on her ownsome! Good Job Lors.

Mom said...

That is GREAT lori! I love it! Julie is not the only one with writing talent :)!

Agent1611 said...

Regardless of the poetry skill, what's great is that I know exactly what you're describing when I read that!