Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kitten Search Continues...meow?..

Well, yes, I'm still searching for a kitten to nuture! After various trips to the Human Society and PetsMart, I cant seem to be there at the right time, or else there's only the older cats left.
So today I stopped at a farm that had a "free kittens" sign, and there was a seedy-looking old guy who's nose hair had actually grown into his bushy mustache, as one!!! -Highy disturbing.- Then he shows me the kittens, who,the poor things, were being keep in a skunk trap-thing!! So that didnt really pan out well.
Then I was thinking about those older cats, nobody wants them. Everyone wants kittens. Including me! Which made me feel horrible! But I did see a year old cat at Pets Mart that was adorable... so I dont know. I mean, maybe I should be saving one of the older cats, ya know? If from anything, the Chinese restaurants!! jk! (eek!)
But if anyone knows anyone that has kittens, let me know! ! Thanks!! =^..^= meow..

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Stacy said...

Hi Lori,
Do u remember Edith? Well, she works at the Avon Vet and she said they get abandoned cats and kittens all the time. Plus they work with an organization to place animals with no homes. So, give the Avon Vet a call!! Good Luck!!