Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Americana Quilt - It's Finally Finished!

I don't believe my eyes!  The quilt I started 9 YEARS ago, is finally DONE. Wow, it feels great! This quilt is what I am calling Americana/ Old America quilt. I used beige, creams, deep reds and navy blue. All the fabrics have some kind of patriot theme to them, or calico in nature. Stars, strips, ect. I was inspired to make this quilt when I was out in Washington State on a trip with my sister visiting her collage roommate. We drove past amber waves of grain and majesty mountains! Washington is a beautiful state!!!

I, unfortunately, cut all those triangles by hand. Ugh. Pain. In. The. Neck. Of course- after I did it I was showed how to do it a much simpler and quicker way! Naturally. But know I know for the future, right?

As life would have it, this quilt got pushed to the side, in a dark corner for awhile and then it would emerge for a brief time, I'd add a little bit to it and then it would go back in hiding.

Well now we are on to our next adventure!! We will be in our first home in about a month and I wanted to finish all those unfinished projects-yes, projects-before we moved. Because I know there will be a hundred NEW projects facing me!! I am so glad I finished this as I'm sure it will come in handy at the new homestead. It is quite large, covers a queen size bed completely but doesn't quite cover the sides of the mattress.

Now it's time to tackle those other unfinished projects!

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