Sunday, January 24, 2010


What an incredible year!!!

January started off slow; although I enjoyed all the snow we had last winter.. April couldnt come fast enough because that's when Mike was suppost to be home from Iraq! I ended up having to replace all for of my tires by the end of the winter! I had nail after screw after nail in my tires!! AHHH!! Not fun! House/dog sitting and wedding planning-I think I had a little TOO much time to plan!- kept me pretty busy for the next few months. April came finally!! Thankfully, the Lord safely brought Mike home a couple days after his birthday, and the rest of the year started flying by! Two of my friends were also getting married within a month before our wedding!, so there was shopping, showers and weddings to go to for that as well.

With May came the sad news that my Grandpa Howard passed away; but is with my Grandma in Heaven now! Mike and I also started looking for apartments, hoping to find something quickly. The end of May was my bridal shower! It was beautiful and my mom, aunt and others cooked all the yummy food!

We found a nice apartment in Farmington! We were very excited! Both my friends-one of whom I was in the wedding, and she in mine!!-got married in June and Mike moved into the new apartment so June was very busy. Invitations, dress fittings and the such surrounded everything else! Also**! My sister, Julie, announced she was pregnant with their first!! I'm going to be an auntie again!! Cant wait until February!! :)

July was just as crazy, my grandmother needed to move in with us for a few weeks, and all the final wedding planning and appointments were coming one after the other. Finally the wedding week arrived! Me and mom had to buy orchids for centerpieces and hope they wouldn't die, seating arrangements, final menu counts, out of town family arrived, one final mini shower with all my girls who were wonderful to me and of course, I had a bad reaction to a tanning session as well-not good! ha ha! And finally, Saturday arrived!! It had poured Friday night but Saturday was absolutely perfect! Our wedding day was wonderful! Beyond words. Everything was perfect. And now, I am Mrs. Michael Marie. :)

August we were having a great time in Belize! Although I had some type of stomach bug. We went cave tubing, snorkeling and toured the Mayan ruins and mostly just relaxed! It was awesome. I was off work for another week after we got back, so I did all the legal name changing, got my military ID!, and organized the apartment. Then I had to go back to work. And reality. Sigh.

We joined family and friends for a Labor Day camping trip in VT early September. Also went to the Big E-Eastern States Exposition- TWICE! Once with my hubby-we got in for free because of the military!-and another with girlfriends for an evening!! We started house/dog sitting again on and off for September, October and the beginning of November.

November we went to the Marine Ball, dressing up is always fun! Me and my mom threw Julie her baby shower later that month as well. For Thanksgiving we decided to go to NH to visit Mike's parents. It was a very nice visit and we also got *snow* while we were up there!! We bought our first Christmas tree in Bethlehem, NH and brought it back strapped to the roof of our car for four hours home!

December came rushing in with me being extremely busy at work, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, learning how to cram everything in is quite the task!!! Eek! Parties and such--one of which my hubby threw me a small surprise birthday party!!!!! So sweet! :) :) And then Christmas arrived,along with four days off for me-yay!, sweet relief!! We had a little house guest over-my cat Sebastian!! He was very curious and intrigued at everything and loved having him here. I miss having him around... Our first Christmas was wonderful, we had a nice breakfast and went to my parents for the rest of the day! The last week of the year was especially busy for me and we finished it by spending New Year's Eve with my parents and grandmother playing Bananagram, making funny hats and drinking hot chocolate!!

Our first half-almost-year of marriage has been wonderful, new, exciting, different and fun! Cant wait to find out what lies ahead! Every day is an adventure! :) The Lord has blessed us in so many ways I cant begin to name them all!! We are thankful to Him for all He has given to and for us. Love to all.

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