Monday, December 17, 2007


Thank you Lord,
For the sun, moon and stars,
Juniper, Pluto and Mars,
The rain, the snow, and the way the wind blows.
For creatures great and small,
I love them all!
Oceans, creeks and streams,
And every different flower, bush and tree.

Thank you, Lord, for making me,
Fearfully and wonderfully made am I,
Carefully molded in your own image,
For your praise and pleasure.

Thank you, Lord,
For sending your Son,
To live, to teach, to die.
Shedding His own blood,
For our sins to buy.
A gift of eternal life,
To all who believe.

Thank you, Lord,
For my country tis of Thee,
Columbus sailing the oceans blue,
America, home of the free!
Faithful were our founding fathers,
One nation under God are we.

Thank you, Lord,
For the life you’ve given,
My home, my friends and family.
For all this,

Shows your tremendous love to me,
Which is why I thank you, Lord.

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