Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you've all made resolutions, and that we'll all be able to stick to them! I really hope this year is a good one, I hope you all learn new things, go new places, soak it and everyone in, (life's too short) and all draw closer to the Lord.
I know this picture doesnt really have anything to do with New Years-except that I took it on New Year's Eve-but I just thought it was a really cool picture. There used to be a beautiful house along with this chimney, but they tore it down, to make way for some more over-commercialized space for this state, I'm sure. argh. But anyway, I thought it was neat that someone came along and decorated it! This just might be next(this)year's Christmas cards.
I wish you all the best this coming year, stay in touch!!
ps-357 days til Christmas!! haha...

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