Monday, July 24, 2006

Maggots, Grout and Ceiling Tiles

Well, what a day! Today at work, since we arent cooking because of renovations, we are helping put things back together. To start, we scrubbed walls, tables and shelves, and in the process ran into--to my poor stomachs dismay--MAGGOTS!! Yes, I know--how gross! Just writing this is turning my stomach. But because we've been closed, things that havent been cleaned daily are turning into maggot-breeding grounds!! (Well, only 1 floor mat and large plastic bin) But nonetheless!, very nasty. Then, a couple people proceeded to tell me in length, that maggots arent bad at all!!!! They eat dead-tissues, and were(and are still used today!) used to help ward infections people had from wounds and gangrene; AND--to this day, there are farms that raise sanitary maggots!! Although disturbing, it is kind of interesting! I guess you really do learn something new everyday!
After the maggot show, I then grouted some quarry tiles. It was actually kinda fun, I dont mind doing things like that. Anyone have any grouting for me to do?? haha.
Then I had to remove, clean and put back 4x2(approx.) ceiling tiles made out of sheet rock that were quite heavy to be lifting over head! Not to mention getting them in and out was not the easiest thing to do. We only managed to complete about half the room. Then I was actually given a task sitting down for 20 minutes, praises be!!, before calling it a day.
But after inhaling deadly-toxic cleaning chemicals, getting dirt, sheet rock dust, and who knows what else in my eyes and hair, facing the maggots and struggling with ceiling tiles, driving home on this absolutely gorgeous day made my exit an enjoyable one!!
Hope your day was as eventful and beautiful as mine! :)

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David&BeccaW said...

Wow! I didn't know tht being a chef would entail (Spelling?) maggot killing and ceiling cleaning. I hope they paid you well!